How I got Here

I’m a heart-centered creative who’s known for marketing and holistic life coaching. I’m from Central MA but I currently live in South Florida with my family.

Growing up in the 1990s and early 2000s, I spent a lot of time on computers and in the library. Not only was I the school Windows 98 master in 4th grade, but I spent most of my elementary years learning everything I could about coding websites, designing graphic art in MS Paint and even building PCs from the ground up.

After college I pursued a career as a film industry freelancer (check out my imdb here) and a travelling crystal vendor (yes, really!) and finally settled down back home in MA in 2015 when I began offering freelance marketing services.

I’ve always been a free-spirit who thinks outside the box, but I was really able to radically change my life when I fully let go of doing things the conventional way and started taking a holistic approach — personally and professionally.

After a lifetime of chronic health issues, I knew the conventional way of living my life wasn’t working, so I decided to start making decisions by following my intuition. This led me to explore healing modalities that could help me address my trauma & chronic illness symptoms naturally.

When I had gone as far as I could on my own, I worked with life coaches who completely shifted my perception of my capabilities in a way that I had never experienced before.

Before I was a nervous, stressed-out mess that had just about given up all hope of ever having a functional life..  Now, I’m intentionally living a life that I’ve created.

After experiencing what’s possible through a coaching dynamic, it became my personal mission to support others who are also following their intuition, healing themselves and connecting with their creative potential. In early 2021 I received my life coaching certification, followed by a period of personal integration.

Now I am helping other creative professionals grow themselves as a holistic life coach and a consultant for conscious brands. It’s my passion to help make the world a better place by helping one person at a time discover their inner power so they can reach their potential. It’s not just my day job, it’s who I’ve always been.


What my friends say

Carol-Anne is compassionate, patient, thoughtful and generous. She has a natural ability to find the good in any person or situation. She offers a connection so genuine and supportive that those who are fortunate enough to experience it want to be in her life forever.”  — E.C.


I’ve been through some tough hurdles, I’ve taken on my fair share of challenges and I’m truly now in a place  I previously thought wasn’t possible for me.

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professional Experience & Certifications

Bachelor of Science in Communication & Culture / Screen Studies – Clark University / 2010

Master of Science in Professional Communication – Clark University Graduate School of Management / 2012

Union-Qualified Film Industry Freelancer – Craft Services Manager, Extras Casting Coordinator, Key Set PA / 2009 – 2015

VA PTSD / TBI Caregiver Training / 2018

Reiki Level 1 Certification – Tiffany Myers / 2018

Next Level Life Coaching Certification – Caitlin Winkley / 2021