Holistic Life Coaching

 Get Unstuck,
Own Your Brilliance
& Intentionally Create
a Fulfilling Life

Holistic Life Coaching

 Get Unstuck,
Own Your Brilliance
& Intentionally Create
a Fulfilling Life

It’s Time to Become Who You’ve Always Wished You Could Be

Welcome to a space where your growth and well-being take center stage. It’s time to step out of that outdated programming that’s keeping you stuck so you can confidently meet your potential.

I’m here to help you unpack how early life dynamics, society and culture got you here, so you can set your old identity aside and step fully into YOUR BEST SELF.

My coaching offerings are designed for creative, motivated people who want to stop feeling like a victim of life’s circumstances, cultivate self-awareness and take control of where they want to go. Does this sound like you? Keep reading or…

Have You Always Felt Like You Don’t Quite Fit in, and Getting Your Life Together is Always Just Out of Reach?

You march to the beat of your own drum, but you’ve struggled to fully feel confident in who you are.

You know you have so much to offer to the world but the idea of talking up space and being seen for who you are and what you know …makes you feel really uncomfortable.

You don’t know for sure why life has never just clicked for you like it has for some people.

You’re eager to work on yourself and you’re tired of feeling like nothing ever sticks.

I’m here to tell you, that you aren’t broken.

Your biggest problem is that you’ve been conditioned to believe that you are.

mosI’m Carol-Anne, a multi-hyphenate creative, and holistic life coach.

I burned out and hit a wall trying to grow as a person and figure out ‘who I want to be when I grow up’.

The conventional way of doing things didn’t quite cut it for me, so I decided to take a holistic approach to life and radically changed my whole mindset.

Throughout my life I’ve seen loved ones seek all the best help to heal trauma and get unstuck — and still end up feeling frustrated and unseen.

For the past 10+ years I’ve studied trauma & self-healing, I’ve been coached and been trained in coaching and I’ve experienced many types of wellness modalities.

In my creative career I’ve taken many steps outside the box and helped trailblazers and social entrepreneurs make big visions come true.

After years of speaking to experts and experiencing for myself what does and doesn’t work — I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to try harder to DO or BE. 

Some of the keys to meeting your potential are :

* learning to be deeply okay with who you already are in your natural state

* learning to be okay with being a beginner at new skills

* learning what you’re good AND bad at so you can see your own self clearly

* becoming aware of the unconscious, outdated patterns that are holding you back

My Process

personal history

We begin by unearthing the “why” behind your programming. What isn’t working? What’s keeping you from moving forward? We talk it through together, with you in the driver’s seat.


You set your goals and I work with you to craft a plan to achieve them. Throughout our time together I’ll continue to redirect you towards your vision, so you stay on track.

Brave space to Cultivate Self-Awareness

 I support you in assessing your current life holistically and connecting the dots. What’s holding you back and what tools do you need to succeed?

thoughtful feedback

As we uncover patterns that are keeping you from meeting your potential, I distill our conversations into notes + assignments tailored to your individual growth.

Carol-Anne is not your typical life coach. My idea of a life coach was a completely different experience I had in my head. I expected life tips and the usual tools for my mental health box.

Instead I formed a beautiful bond with Carol-Anne where I felt heard, seen and received tools that made sense to my different mental states throughout the sessions.

It was never a generic idea or answer coming from Carol-Anne because she leads and guides with her heart. The experience was life changing as I learned so much about myself and how I can handle things in a healthier way for me.

We even had this great moment in-session where she made an analogy between me and my dog that helped me see everything differently.

Kate G.

Creative Entrepreneur


I help you shift out of outdated belief systems so you can consciously create your life.

I help you break through feelings of stuckness that are preventing you from engaging in your life to your fullest potential.

I provide gentle accountability as we break down your obstacles into practical action steps.

I help you hold a vision for who you want to be, I hold space for you to make messy progress, I help you resource yourself with the right growth tools.



You’ll start showing up for the tough conversations. 

You’ll start checking “impossible tasks” off your to-do list.

You’ll gain confidence by making small promises to yourself and keeping them. 

You’ll come away with a self concept you didn’t think was possible.

You’ll stop aligning with things that aren’t meant for you and finally realize what you’re capable of.

Are you ready to commit to a new frame of mind?

My program may be for you if :

* Either outwardly or inwardly you feel like a “weirdo” “outsider” or just “different” than everyone else.

* You’re open-minded to wellness and self-healing. You actively work on yourself and feel like you’re resourced if your life falls apart a little bit in your process of self-healing.

* You’re open-minded to alternative / complementary healing modalities : plant medicine, energy healing, yoga, meditation etc.

* You’ve given conventional therapy a try and it either didn’t quite help or you’re ready to move past “coping with it” and ready be coached past it.

* You’re neurodivergent / ADHD / healing from trauma / at a crossroads in life and aren’t quite sure about the next steps forward. You could use someone who can clearly see and hear you.

First we’ll chat so we can make sure I’m the perfect fit for your journey. Once accepted we’ll book your sessions!

*Payment plans and flexibility are available — we are living in difficult times and I’m dedicated to ensuring my services are accessible to ALL who feel they could benefit. Please inquire.